Join our S3DA Club for Only $25 per year!

  1. Join S3DA-
    1. $25 per year
    2. You will be able to participate in all the S3DA sanctioned shoots.
    3. We have 2 certified coaches from our shop.
    4. We would like you to participate as much as possible.
    5. Each time you come to the shop to practice the cost will be $5.
    6. Each Tuesday from 7-8 we will have a club practice.
    7. S3DA has great opportunity to compete on a national and state level.
    8. We will be holding state shoots at our shop.
    9. Scholarship opportunities are available.
    10. Ages
      1. Elementary: 8-10
      2. Middle School: 11-13
      3. High School: 14-18
      4. All ages are as of August 1st of the competition year.
      5. If your child doesn’t make the age requirement, they can still be apart of our club, but they won’t be able to compete in S3DA events.
    11. Shooter shirts will be available for purchase.
    12. The main objective is to create a laid-back environment for kids to enjoy shooting their bow, learn about archery, and belong to our club.

Check out the S3DA website to see what this program in all about.